Yubo Fan
Beihang University, China

Dr. Yubo Fan received B.S. majored Mechanics from Peking University, and had Ph.D degree majored Biomechanics at Sichuan University. Dr. Fan emerged as an international recognized scientist in the fields of interdisciplinary research of biomechanics & biomaterials, and enthusiastic about the innovations of medical devices related to clinic diagnosis and treatment, excellent teacher and effective administrator who has contributed to promoting the biomedical engineering (BME) education, academic community and medical device industry. Dr. Fan is the founded Dean of School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, Director of Key Laboratory for Biomechanics and Mechanobiology, Ministry of Education in Beihang University, Director of National Research Centre for Rehabilitation Technical Aids of China (NRRA), and its affiliated hospital of NRRA. He is currently Dean and Professor of School of Medical Department of Bioengineering, Beihang University. He served for many research or training programs and committees, including the leader of Innovation group of National Science Fund of China (NSFC, 2015), the leader of Innovation Team of Ministry of Science and Technology (2013), former president of Chinese BME Society (2008-2012, 2012-2015), former Chair of World Association for Chinese Bioengineers (WACBE, 2017-2019), President of Holistic Integrative Medicine-Engineering Alliance of China (2016-Present), Council member of World Council for Biomechanics (2010-2014), Fellow of American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) (2014-Present). Dr. Fan has made significant contributions in the following areas: (1) Biomechanical analysis, design and manufacture of biodegradable Implants, (2) Mechanobiological study on cells under the physiological pulsatile flow, (3) Biomechanism of human impact injuries and protection. Dr. Fan has published many articles in scientific journals such as Advance Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Biomaterials, ACS Nano, Material & Design etc. He has filed several patents, and is active in translating the research findings into products and clinical applications that will benefit the society. Dr. Fan has chaired many symposia, conferences and sessions, served on numerous review panels for government and private agencies in China, served as an editor for 4 international journals, and reviewed manuscripts for more than 30 journals.