Sarah Cartmell
University of Manchester, England

Sarah is currently Professor of Bioengineering and Head of The Department of Materials at The University of Manchester. Her interdisciplinary research area focuses on creating a paradigm shift in healthcare treatments and is in the area of orthopaedic tissue engineering, wound care treatments and more recently, translating the 3D tissue growth techniques to cancer research for early biomarker detection. She is Director of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training for Advanced Biomedical Materials and has recently taken over as President of the UK Tissue and Cell Engineering Society. Sarah is very active in knowledge transfer and her recently awarded patent on a new tissue repair scaffold device (United Kingdom (GB) Patent Application No: 1903388.5) has led to investment from NLC Healthcare Ventures and a spin off company named ‘Retendon Ltd’ being established to translate two of her tendon engineering repair products to clinic. This work followed on from several million pounds of research projects that Sarah has led from MRC, EPSRC and Versus Arthritis UK.

Sarah has over 100 publications with over 5800 citations (1998-2022) and currently has an h- index of 33 (Google Scholar). She has been awarded 54 grants totaling over £13 million as lead investigator and a further £7 million as co-investigator. Her interdisciplinary research area focuses on creating a paradigm shift in healthcare treatments. It involves growing bone, cartilage, tendon and ligament tissue in the laboratory with the aim of potentially implanting these tissues into a patient. Her research is internationally leading in the area of simultaneously growing two tissue types together (bone and cartilage) for the treatment of osteoarthritis and creating acellular approaches for tendon repair and translating this research into industry and clinic. She is a world leading authority on the development of X-ray imaging techniques for orthopaedic tissues.