Ricardo Armentano
Universidad de la República, Uruguay

Ricardo Armentano received his Engineering degree in 1984. He obtained his PhD in Physiological Sciences (1994) from the University of Buenos Aires and from Université de Paris VII Diderot in Biomechanics – Mechanics of Biological Systems (1999). The technological developments derived from his doctoral theses have led to renowned methods of cardiovascular diagnosis which are used in Latin American countries in vascular exploration centers, as well as in the European Hospital George Pompidou in Paris where he made his second Post Doc. Currently he is Distinguished Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Director of the Biological Engineering Department and Principal Investigator of UNPD/84/002 at Universidad de la República (Uruguay). He is also Director of the PhD program on signal processing and head of the Bioengineering R&D group (GIBIO) at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Buenos Aires (Argentina). He is a member of EMBS IEEE Technical Committee on Cardiopulmonary Systems and IEEE EMBS. In 2019, Ricardo Armentano was conferred the IEEE R9 Eminent Engineer Award and he served as EMBS Distinguished Lecturer. He has served as the AdCom 2015 EMBS IEEE Latin America Officer and was the Chairperson of the 32nd International Conference EMBS/IEEE Buenos Aires 2010. He has acquired international recognition in the field of cardiovascular hemodynamics and arterial hypertension. He has taught in the fields of cardiovascular dynamics and in the broad area of engineering in medicine and biology and has extensive experience in PhD supervision and examination. He is on the editorial board of journals of cardiovascular research and is a reviewer for 15+ international scientific journals. He has 250+ publications including a book, book chapters and peer-reviewed articles.

Ricardo Armentano has carried out professional and administrative tasks as an educator and as a scientist not only in Argentina, but also in Uruguay and other countries in the Americas and Europe. In his role as educator, he has designed, launched and managed 3 full-time degree courses in Biomedical Engineering, and in the postgraduate program, a two-year master’s degree in the same field and a doctorate in signal and image processing that has been qualified with the highest categorization. For 10 years, he has served as a member of the board of directors, director of the research and development council of the Favaloro University, dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Exact and Natural Sciences and finally Executive Scientific Academic Director with the status of CEO of the University Dr. Rene Favaloro Foundation.