Marcello Bracale
University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Marcello Bracale was born in Naples, Italy in 1939. He received his degree in Electronical Engineering from the University of Naples in 1965 and his post-graduate specialization in Biomedical Technologies from the University of Bologna.

Since 1976 he was full professor in Applied Electronics and from 1980 up to the present, he has been full professor in Biomedical Engineering, directing the BME Unit at the Electronic Engineering Dept. of the Univ. “Federico II” of Naples. At present he is also professor in “Automation and Organization of Health Care System”. He also teaches Biomedical courses in the Post-graduate Schools of the Faculties of Medicine and Surgery at the Universities of Naples. He directs in Naples the “Research Unit in Medical and Rehabilitation Engineering” of Italian National Research Council. He was nominated Professor Honoris Causa at the Technical University of Cluj Napoca (Romania) Faculty of Electronic Engineering.

He was Vice-President of the “Societa’ Generale di Informatica” (SO.GE.I.). From 1990 to 1993 he was Regional President of the “Associazione Italiana Ospedalita’ Privata” (AIOP) in Naples. He is a professional consultant of “Clinica Villalba”, a private hospital; and of “Technical Data Control”, a software house for Informatics Health Care Systems in Naples. He is scientific consultant of FINSIEL for the European Committee and for International and National activities in Telematics Health Care System. He is a member of the International and Italian Electrotechnical Commission-Technical Committee n.62: Electrical Equipment in Medical Practice, Sub-Committee 62D: Electromedical Equipment. He was appointed member of administration council of the CNETO (Centro Nazionale per l’Edilizia e la Tecnica Ospedaliera).

His main fields of scientific and professional interest are: electronical and biological instrumentation; biosignal and data analysis; health care system and management; health telematics and telemedicine. At present he is author and co-author of 350 publications.