Lars Arendt-Nielsen
Aalborg University, Denmark

Lars Arendt-Nielsen is professor at Department of Health Science and Technology, Faculty of Medicine, Aalborg University, Denmark. He is director and co-founder of Center for Sensory-Motor Interactiton, Aalborg University. He received a Ph.D in biomedical engineering sciences at Aalborg University in 1987 on a thesis related to assessment and analysis of brain potentials elicited with high intensity lasers. In 1994 he received a doctor of medical science degree from Aarhus University on a thesis based on pain related electrophysiological signals from the human brain and how these signals were modulated by pharmacological interventions.

In 1993 he was appointed professor and co-founded Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction (SMI) which is a basic research center focusing on translational research in neuroscience and bioengineering with the aim to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic methods in the areas of pain, motor control, sports sciences, and rehabilitation ( SMI is an international research and training center with 50% of the staff coming from abroad and a total of 85 researchers and 70 PhD students employed. The Center publishes 100+ papers in peer-reviewed journals/year. In 2009 he co-founded C4Pain ( as a clinical trial unit utilizing advanced technological solutions for screening potency of new drugs candidates in the area of pain management. He is head of R&D for this research based company. In 2011 he founded Eir (Empowering Industry and Research) a science and business park in the area of health sciences and technology ( for which he is the director. The aim of EIR is research based innovation.

He has been member of the Danish Technical Research Council and the Danish Council for Research Education. In addition he has been advisor for several EU framework programs. He has been guest professor, National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Okasaki, Japan and is honorary professor at Jiaotong University, Medical School, Xi’an, China and University of Bern, Medical School, Switzerland. He was part-time guest professor at Linkoping Universitet, Sweden from 2010-12.

He has published more than 700 papers in peer reviewed international journals in the area of basic and applied bioengineering in the fields of pain assessment, motor control and drug profiling. He is a fellow of International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering, is fellow of the Danish Academy of Technological Sciences, and has been knighted by the Danish Queen.