Keiji Naruse
Okayama University, Japan

Dr. Keiji Naruse received an M.D. in 1988 and Ph.D. degree in Physiology in 1992 from Nagoya University. He is currently Professor of Department of Cardiovasuclar Physiology and Deputy Dean of Medicine, Okayama University. His research interests include Mechanomedicine in 1) Cardiovascular system, 2) Reproductive medicine, 3) Orthopedics, and 4) Biomaterials. His research has resulted in over 150 reviewed articles including Nature and Science. He served as project leader in research projects having broad impact, including Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, and Security Technology Research Promotion System of Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency.

He is currently the Vice President of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering. He is also Vice President of the Physiological Society of Japan. He is presently serving as an adviser of Fusion Oriented Research for disruptive Science and Technology at JSTU (Japan Science and Technology Agency) and an adviser at AMED (Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development) in the field of Mechanobiology. At the international level, he has been actively involved in the Mechanobiological conferences. He was the conference president of International Symposium on Mechanobiology (ISMB 2014) and academic committee member of The 3rd International Yangtze River Delta Symposium on Mechanobiology & the 9th Chinese National Symposium of Medical Biophysics.