Kang-Ping Lin
Chung-Yuan Christian University, Taiwan

Kang-Ping Lin obtained his PhD. degree in 1994 at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in Biomedical Physicis. Currently he is Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering at Chung-Yuan Christian University (CYCU), Taiwan. He is a senior regulatory consultant for applying industrial technology to medical devices and for helping biomedical industrial companies to implement the ISO-13485 and GMP in Taiwan.

His research interests include handheld medical devices, physiological signal processing, and medical image processing. His current research topics include capillary blood velocity measurement, microcirculation images, and hemodynamic data analysis.

He served as Director of Medical Device Technology Division of the Biomedical Engineering Research Center in Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan (2000~2004). Over 50 researchers have been under his supervision; they have developed and applied innovative technologies to medical devices. He was the CEO (2004~2010) of DailyCare Biomedical Inc. (DCBM) which is a start-up medical device company established in 2004. The company has developed handheld ECGs and new business model in home care applications. One DCBM product earned the annual Excellent Product Award of Taiwan in 2006.

He was the president of Taiwanese Society of Biomedical Engineering (2007~2010) and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Medical & Biological Engineering (1999~2007). He is now a Board member of Taiwanese Society of Molecular Imaging, the Director of Center for Medical Device Technology Translation in his university (2011~now), the Chair of Publication Committee & Publicity Committee of International Federation for Medical Biology Engineering (IFMBE) (2009~now), the Co-Chair of Asia Pacific Working Group of IFMBE (2009~now), and the Editor of IFMBE News (2009~now). He is currently leading a team of clinical engineers working on proposed legislation in Taiwan.