Ivan Daskalov
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Prof. Ivan Konstantinov Daskalov (February 26, 1933- June 12, 2004) was a prominent Bulgarian scientist in the field of biomedical engineering. He was director of the former Centre of Biomedical Engineering from 1994 to 2004, which was later renamed after him to Centre of Biomedical Engineering “Prof. Ivan Daskalov”.

Ivan Daskalov graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1957. His Ph.D. thesis was on complex stimulation for physiological research and his D.Sc. work was on screening analysis of physiological signals. He was professor of biomedical engineering at the Medical Faculty since 1976 and Director of the Institute of Medical Engineering. He joined the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 1963 and headed the Center of Biomedical Engineering. He has published numerous studies on ECG analysis, electrical stimulation, and instrumentation for physiological research. He teaches various biomedical engineering topics in the Medical Faculty, the Technical University, and several foreign universities.