Dayong Gao
University of Washington, USA

Dr. Dayong Gao is the Origincell Endowed Professor and Director of the Center for Cryo-Biomedical Engineering and Artificial Organs, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington (UW) (2004-present), Seattle, USA. Before joining UW, Dr. Gao was Alumni Professor and Baxter Healthcare Chair in Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Center for Biomedical Engineering, University of Kentucky, USA.

Over the past 30 years, Dr. Gao has made original and outstanding achievements in: (1) cryo-biomedical engineering and cryobiology: investigating biophysical mechanisms of both cryoinjury and cryoprotection; and developing novel technology and instruments for long-term cryopreservation of living cells-tissues and their important applications in gene-cellular therapy, regenerative medicine, stem-cell and organ transplantation, tissue engineering, vaccine/drug development, disease screening, in-vitro fertilization, and conservation of endangered species; (2) artificial kidney-liver systems for treatment of end-stage multi-organ-failure diseases; and (3) bio-instruments for clinical diagnostics. He has published over 500 peer-reviewed research articles and over 35 chapters in 21 books.

Dr. Gao is an elected Fellow of International Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering, Member of Washington State Academy of Sciences, Fellow of American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering, Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Past-President and Fellow of Society for Cryobiology. He is a recipient of American Heart Association Award, American Cancer Society Award, Asian American Engineer of the Year 2013 Award, Basil Luyet Medal, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global-Health Research Award, Whitaker Foundation Young Investigator Award, Washington Foundation Innovation Award, and International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories Special Service Award. In 2019, Dayong Gao Young Investigator Award was named and established by International Society for Cryobiology to recognize most outstanding young cryobiologists/cryo-biomedical engineers worldwide every year.