Annelise Rosenfalck
FF, Aalborg University, Denmark

Annelise Rosenfalck was born in Denmark in 1922 and received her MSc in electronic engineering from the Technical University of Denmark in 1947. Since then she has mainly worked at the Institute of Neurophysiology, University of Copenhagen. In February 1978 she was appointed professor of Medical Electronics at the Institute of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University Centre, Denmark, a new University with a goal of interdisciplinary collaboration. She has been president of the Danish Society for Biomedical Engineering, and a member of the COMAC BME of the Medical Research programs and the Commission of the European Communities. She has also evaluated projects for the BIOMED programs. Her publications fall within electrophysiology (signals from muscle nerve and brain) and biomedical methodology. One of her research awards was shared with her husband, Poul Rosenfalck.